I help women balance their hormones, regulate their menstrual cycles, and improve fertility.


 Unlike restrictive diet methods, I emphasize food as nourishment to help my clients reveal the root cause of their symptoms as well as give them culinary guidance.

I’M a Certified Nutrition Consultant And a Certified Natural Chef

The Services

1:1 Nutrition and Culinary Consulting

I serve as a guide to provide the science behind nutrition alongside the intuitive knowledge of your own body.

Corporate Workshops

Group classes designed to educate your staff/peers/leaders on hormone and gut health.

I'm katherine.

Welcome friend,

I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Certified Natural Chef committed to empowering individuals to reconnect with their health and prioritize their wellbeing.

“My cycle is not as heavy, my stomach health has improved and I feel both empowered and energized! Katherine is so wonderful and calm and I feel blessed that our paths crossed. I highly recommend anyone to consult with her as she will tailor to an individual’s needs/goals and that individual will not be disappointed. Our health is worth it!”

- AJ

“The very first day of trying what she suggested to me in the guide, I could hardly believe how different my temple felt immediately! I was so shocked, happy and emotional all at once, that I messaged her instantly! I explained what I noticed and the responses my body was making to her suggested guide and it actually brought tears to my eyes; I felt confident that my healthy journey was actually going to come to fruition, Finally."

- A.S.

"Katherine is pure magic! Working with her was a beautiful effortless process thanks to her radiant warm energy, professionalism & expertise, and all of the love and care she puts into everything she creates. Katherine is going to big beautiful places and as a client or business owner you will want to join her in this successful journey ahead of her. Could not recommend Katherine highly enough! Wonderful human, approachable expert, and excellent business collaborator!"


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